Who We Are

We play on North American energy and power markets. Driven by innovation and challenge, the goal is the be disrupters in this rapidly changing industry.

We're backed by a team of fundamentalists, devoted to finding innovative trading approaches using the latest technologies and the highest potential of their creative minds. In so, we believe our strength and success come from our people, our entrepreneurial approach and a strong risk management culture.


Challenging the way we do business

We are not afraid of reinventing ourselves every day. We are afraid of status quo.


R&D Budget

You have to dig through lots of dirt before you find a diamond.


Internship Programs

We are still looking for interns (with 30 years of experience); we keep the faith!


Fast growing company

The fast beats the slow and the simple replaces the complex.


Latest technology

Do you know about machine learning and deep learning? We do.


Continuous improvement

Our ideas come from all our employees. Even Oscar the Brittany Spaniel has something to say.


Our Mission

To disrupt the energy trading industry by creating the next-generation trading company; fueled by the best entrepreneurial and creative minds, and by exploiting technological advances.


Our Purpose

To find and empower the best innovative trading minds in the industry.


Our Vision

To foster an environment where the status quo is constantly challenged by putting our people first and striving to have the latest technology platforms and the first-tier data analytics.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

Chris Grosser

Be part of the team

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