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underpinned by artificial intelligence enabled systems

Energy Procurement Solutions

  • Assist corporate customers in finding energy procurement solutions
  • Environmental solutions
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Wholesale Market Access & Integration

Merchant Platform

  • PPAs for merchant assets
  • Asset optimization, Physical batteries management, Energy Marketing Agreements
  • A number of other products...

Virtual Battery

  • Manage intermittency for Load/Gen
  • Increase $/MWh values
  • Price Certainty for Volumetric Risks

CWP Energy proprietary AI enabled systems

  • AI to enable efficient purchases on the open market
  • Price forecasting data, inhouse enabled software
  • Weather data, risk forecasting systems
  • Performance & Reporting analytics
  • $/MWh values consistenly beat benchmarks

CWP Energy proprietary AI enabled systems

Advisory Services

Whether you are exploring a greenfield project or a new energy procurement strategy, we provide advisory services to help you understand the merchant landscape, navigate regulation, forecast merchant risk scenarios and create a customized strategy for effective capital deployment.

PPAs and Supplying Renewable Energy

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) We can structure Power Purchase Agreements for projects while providing hedging strategies to eliminate merchant risks, identify price appreciation locations, and optimize $/MW values.

Supplying Corporations with Renewable Energy Offtakes that directly correlate with load profiles and net-zero target milestones.

Energy Market Access, Scheduling and Dispatching

Our 24/7 power trading desk employs in-depth experience and market connectivity to effectively sell and bring your energy to market, regardless of your location.  

We have the capacity to act as the trading arm of energy producers of all sizes, allowing you to focus your efforts on what you do best.

Risk Management

CWP Risk Management solutions provide quantifiable risk metrics to clients to assist them in growing their asset management and merchant operations.  

Risk reporting presenting trade-off scenarios which clients can use to increase portfolio IRR.  

Our project risk management model incorporates generation profiles, hedges, & proprietary market analytics to simulate revenues, drawdowns, & offtake risks on a forward-looking basis.

Asset Optimization

Unlocking the full value of your energy asset requires a full team of energy specialists. We build nimble strategies to maximize returns using a healthy mix of revenue sources:

  • Day Ahead vs. Real Time Forecasting – Basis & Congestion Management – Fixed for Floating Hedges – VPPA’s – Environmental Credits

Congestion & Basis Risk Mitigation Strategies

Leverage proprietary power flow modeling & scenario analysis to generate short, medium, & long-term forecasts and customized hedging strategies.

CWP can manage basis risk from project node to settlement hub.

Strategically balance renewable intermittency to ensure your project has a partner and plan in place for all market conditions

Environmental Solutions

Develop customized decarbonization plans for companies that cost-efficiently expedites your sustainability initiatives.

Leverage strategic partnerships to procure environmental certificate obligations that maximize brand value and promote carbon neutrality.

Energy Procurement

Strategically shift from high-cost fixed term energy purchasing to more dynamic flexible procurement based on energy consumption and risk management profiles.

Assist companies in Supply Chain Greening investment strategies to ensure best fit for energy savings and net-zero target achievements.


We provide best-in-class reporting that is both insightful and accessible.

Our reporting is tailored to your needs, including frequency and granularity. To support you at all times, we also have the ability to rapidly generate ad hoc dashboard and reports. Our reporting is accurate, transparent and designed for you to clearly see and understand your data.


We have invested in building and maintaining industry-leading data resources and we specialize in distilling that data into actionable insight.

Our experienced quant traders and data scientists continuously develop and refine proprietary algorithms and models to generate alpha. For over five years, we have leveraged big data and applied machine learning to inform risk management, provide superior market intelligence and uncover arbitrage opportunities.

CWP Energy Solutions

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